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​Tomato & Pancetta


Boston Chicken Chowder


Carrot & Coriander


Summer Vegetable Broth


Thai Chicken Soup


 Tuscan Tomato Basil


V  - Vegetarian

Gf - Gluten free

Df - Dairy free

Vg - Vegan.

Meal Deals

Soup Meal Deal

A Soup, a piece of Bread and a Fruit.


Salad Plates & Bread

A large Salad plate made of Cheese, Country (ham) or Fish.



Pick a piece of Bread and choose your filling, we will do it fresh for you.


Bonjour Breakfast Deal

A hot drink and a Pastry or a Teacake.


Café Gourmet

A hot Drink and 2 mini cakes to choose from the basket.


La Petite Soupe

A small bowl of soup, a piece of Bread and a Fruit, for the small appetite or children .


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Pastries, Cakes, Biscuits and Toast

A selection of "Nibbles" for your pleasures

Croissant / Pain au chocolat

Traditional French Pastries



Muffin Chocolate or Blueberry



A portion of lemon cake or chocolate cake


Sponge cake

A slice of sponge cake with lime flavour


Kit Kat

4 bars of Kit Kat - Chocolat


mini Kit Kat

2 bars of Kit Kat Chocolate


Mini Cakes

Traditional mini French cake to choose from plain Madeleine, Chocolate Madeleine, Lemon Tartlet or Choco/Caramel Tartlet


Walker Biscuit

A selection of Walker Biscuits



A traditional Teacake, toasted and buttered



Two Wholemeal slices bread toasted and buttered


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Ice Cream and Drink

Very coool drinks and Ice cream

Ice Drink

A refreshing selection of Iced drinks

Ice Tea

A traditional Ice Tea Peach flavoured

Ice Chocolate

A Cold Iced Sweet Chocolate

Ice Coffee

A Cold Iced Sweet Coffee with Milk

Ice Cream & Sorbet

A Cool scoop of freshness

Ice Cream

A scoop of Ice cream ( contains Milk) to choose from Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla


A Scoop of Sorbet (no Milk) to choose from Raspberry, Lemon or Mango

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Others nice propositions

Other nice little treats as simple as it can be.

Simple Soup

Just a bowl of soup with no brad and no fruit

Bread Roll

Fancy a piece of bread to take away for your diner? choose from our bread display.


Butter portion - 7g


a nice topping for your soup

Fruit Salad

A mix of pineapple and mandarine in a sweet juice, refreshing and healthy


Just a fruit to pick from our basket (Apple, Banana, Mandarine)

Fruit Pot

A "purée" of fruit for children or grown up who are looking for a nice way to finish a meal.

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Hot Drinks

Our offer of hot drinks

Black Coffee

A black coffee made with full arabica beans in a traditional mug.



A "short" black coffee made from arabica beans.


Decaf Coffee

A Decaffeinated Black Coffee in a traditional mug.



A mug of arabica bean coffee mixed with hot milk.



A mix of arabica bean coffee with chocolate and milk mixed and fluffy.



A bean arabica coffee mix with fluffy milk and a small amount of chocolate powder on the top.


Hot Chocolate

A creamy Hot Chocolate.


Hot Milk

A glass mug of hot milk or a jug if it is to extend our coffee.



A traditional Tea Pot (Traditional or Decaffeinated).


Fruit Tea

A glass mug of Fruit Tea to choose from Red berry, Lemon ginger, Green tea, and Peppermint.


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Cold Drinks

Traditional cans or bottle of refreshing drinks

Water Bottle (Still or Sparkling)

A 500ml of Still or Sparkling water

Fruit Juice

Fruit Juices to choose from, Apple Juice and Orange Juice

Cranberry Juice

A delicious cranberry juice in a glass botle

Coke and Diet Coke

A 330ml of traditional Coca-Cola or Diet Coke

Glass of Milk

A glass of cold milk


a 330 ml can of fizzy orange juice

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Sandwich and Salad on Demand

Choose your Bread, your filling and we will prepare it for you.


A selection of shandwiches to choose from or built your own with the ingredients. All sandwiches are made on demand.

Your own Sandwich

Choose the Bread and the Filling and we will prepare it for you (Brie, Emental, Ham, Salmon, Cheddar, Tomato, Gherkin, Beetroot, Salad, Cucumber, Cream Cheese, Butter, Mustard, French Mustard, Cranberry sauce)

Emmental or Cheddar Cheese

A sandwich of emmental or cheddar cheese in a stonebake bread with butter, salad and tomato.

Brie-cranberry Cheese

Brie cheese slices with cranberry spread, butter, salad in a stonebake bread.

Blue Cheese

Blue Stilton cheese on a stonebaked bread with butter, cucumber, red onion and salad.

Ham Sandwich

A sandwich in a stonebake bread with ham, butter, salad, tomato and an option for English mustard.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

A sandwich of smoked salmon in a stonebake bread with butter, salad, cucumber, tomato and an option for dill mustard.

The vegies

A mix of vegetables (cucumber, tomato, salads, beetroot) in a stonebake bread with an option for mustard, butter or dill-mustard.

Salad Plates

A selection of salad made on demand on plates or in bowls to take away.

Cheese Salad Plate

a selection of three cheeses with a salad and a Bread (Emmental, Blue Cheese, Cheddar, Salad, Tomato, Grape, Chutney, Butter)

Country Salad Plate

A Salad mix of Vegetable, Cheddar, Ham, Grape, Tomato with a piece of Bread

Marine Salad Plate

A salad with Smoked Salmon, Dill Mustard, Grape and Bread

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Pan Cake

2 small pan cakes

Lemon & Sugar

Jam (Raspberry)


Golden Sirup

Wipped Cream (add on)

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