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The Story so far

“La Soupe du jour” was born during a discussion between an Irish and a French friends who were exchanging ideas on where to go for a quick lunch where you could find a good meal, a pleasant place to sit  all  at a reasonable price.


None of the “Prêt A Manger”, “Starbuck's”, “Mc Donald's” or “Subway” places were  interesting enough despite some of them being good.


The concept idea was to propose a hot meal option, healthy enough, that could fill you up for the day leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction but without the guilt of succumbing to the dark side of “fast food” solutions.


The French way of lunch.. but in the English way of life.


The idea is not revolutionary; it is exploited successfully in San Francisco (USA) by SF Soup Company ( and SoupFreaks ( and in Los Angeles (USA) by the Soup bar co ( All are in places where the weather is not particularly cold.


The main products is soup and bread but customers can find the “classical” food offer that can be found in coffee shopslike a range of salads and sandwiches made fresh on demand.


Our soup are selected from the best producers in the UK for their quality and originality and freshly delivered to our shop.


My name is Emmanuel Dupuis, I have been working in the manufacturing industry for the last 20 years. Mainly in Marketing and Sales. I'm French and I have lived in the UK for the last 10 years. As a customer of coffee shops, I started to be tired of the traditional "pannini", and sandwiches. For lunch I just wanted something good, healthy and warm... like a soup and a piece of bread.. 

Another thing, don't expect me to be like the manager of Seinfeld's Soup episode... However, I hope you will be as delighted by our recipes as they are in this film. Let us know what you think, tweet us, the best comments or suggestions will receive a free soup !


See the Seinfeld episode on You Tube ! here !

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